Private Detective Agency in Vadodara

Key Detective Agency is a full-service Private Investigation firm with a team of experienced, professional Private Investigators. We have experience, the skills and resources to conduct any investigation our Client’s need. Our team of Private Investigators consists of men and woman from all backgrounds such as seasoned Private Investigators, individuals with extensive forensics backgrounds and […]


Ask investigators how an investigation is extremely challenging?

Hi Friends today, as an investigator I will tell you how an investigation is extremely challenging. Investigation is not looks like in movies and stories, this is very serious and presence of mind and challenging job. Investigation means we need solid evidence to prove the Result. The investigation is extremely challenging and equally as rewarding, […]


Different types of Corporate Investigation that helps you the most

Hello Friends, This is a Key Detective Agency. Today we are going to talk about the different types of corporate investigation that helps you the most and Top Corporate investigations type that we perform upon request. Internal Embezzlement – That’s when an internal employee or manager embezzles from your company this creates huge losses for […]