Personal Investigation Services

1. Pre Matrimonial Verification

Getting Married is one of the most Important and big Decisions in life. This Decision Affects our whole life. Therefore, we Should Decide on our soul mate very Carefully. Our Best Detective Agency In Gujarat gives Pre Matrimonial Investigation Service, and that Service Provides all Information about your Future Spouse and that Pre Matrimonial Verification helps you Choose the Right Life Partner.

You have the Right to know all Information about your Future Life Partner like his/her family background, work Information, and all other good and Bad Habits. Our Key Detective Agency has an Experience Detectives team Who have Advanced Spy Detective Tools. These Detectives will find all the Information about your To-Be-Spouse and will tell you the Correct Character of your Spouse.

Do you want to check the Background of your future Spouse? Take the Biggest Decision of your life after Checking the Background Details of your life Partner and then Marry without any Worries by hiring us to do a Comprehensive Background Check of the Person.

We comprehensively verify the details such as
* Address Verification
* Background Verification
* Family Background
* Social Reputation
* Job / Business Verification
* Financial strength/Stability Verification
* Character Check
* Social Status
* Addictions check(Drugs /Alcohol)
* Criminal Background Verification and many more…

2. Post Matrimonial Verification

Key Detective Agency provides Post-Matrimonial Investigation Service in India. After Marriage, there are Many changes that come in Life, and we have to Deal with them very Carefully. But some changes are Unacceptable which Complicates Our Lives.

Is there a change in the Nature of your Life Partner bothering you? Even after Many of your Efforts, your Married Life is not going on Peacefully? Do you think there is a Third Person involved in this? Our Post-Matrimonial Investigator helps you to find all Answers to your Questions.

Check your Spouse’s Suspicious Activities when you are Away from them.

Our Expert Detectives will Track all the Activities of your Life Partner and will give you all the Correct Information about your Spouse.

We give Details like:
* Where do your Partners Spend Time?
* Is their third person involve?
* What is the Current Social Status of a Partner? 
* Job / Business Verification and many more 
  As the Best Matrimonial Detective Agency, we can Verify
Every Detail that our clients ask us to, so that the Family
could make the Right Decision.
  Don’t worry anymore, just hire us for our Post-Marital
Investigation services. We will find the Evidence of the
Suspicious Activities of your Life Partner and Report it to
you. Give yourself Some Mental Peace and Live Worry-Free.
We respect your Privacy and Security.
  Hire us now as your Post Matrimonial Investigator.

3. Divorce Case Investigation

Key Detective Agency is Best Divorce Case Detective In India. Divorce case investigators deal with many complex issues of society and provide smooth solutions for your tough problem.

It is a very big and complicated decision to take a divorce. You need a lot of information and evidence against your life partner to win the Divorce case. In order to gather evidence for divorce cases which are needed in family courts, clients turn to private detective agencies. Often clients wonder how to collect evidence for a divorce case? Or what is acceptable proof in divorce cases? A divorce case usually involves many litigation from both the estranged partners i.e, husband and wife. Our Divorce case detectives are experts in divorce case investigations and are the best private detectives for divorce cases. Our private investigators are guided by the management which consists of people from legal and policing backgrounds.

In divorce cases, you need information about extramarital affairs, daily routine and employment details for alimony decisions and material evidence of your spouse, which will stand good in the court of law. It also covers matters related to child possession, shares in the property, curiosity to know the future plans and activities of the spouse etc. and our detective will find every detail of your partner.

You can completely trust us in these situations. We completely keep the information confidential and secure and honor your privacy. The information collected from the customer and also the information gathered is not shared with anyone without due permission of the client. The proof that is collected is also directly submitted over to the client. The evidence mainly or rather generally includes photographs or videos to ensure what the truth is. In the case of fraudulence from the opposite partner, enough proof is collected so that during filing for a divorce enough compensation can be demanded. All Evidence is collected on the basis of legal grounds and proceedings.

4. Extramarital Affair Investigation

The Key Detective Agency for Extramarital Affairs Investigation is actually the Best Private Detective Agency.

We have the Knowledge and Experience to Resolve Many Extramarital Matters, so we can make the Process of Extramarital Affairs Investigation Services Easier.

Any Relationship is Based on Trust, if there is Doubt or Any Third Person comes, then the Relationship is Completely Shattered. Extramarital Affairs ruin your Relationship. Sometimes you might Suspect the Unusual Activities of your Spouse. You need to know the Actual Reason for the Activities. Because of this Incident, you are going through a Lot of Mental Stress and Future Worries, that’s not Good for you.

It can hurt ones’ Dignity and Heart because once you make a Commitment with Someone, and after some time you find your Partner Makes the same Commitment with Another Person as well. That Situation is very Difficult for any Person who is Fully Dedicated to their Life Partner.

Extra-Marital means your Partner is involved in other Relationships other than yours, and this could be an Intolerant Moment for Every Person.

To Prove such a case, you need Strong Evidence such as Video, Photos, or Audio Recording. This Evidence also helps you in a Divorce Case.

Key Detectives Agency searches Everything about your Partner and gives a full report with Evidence to you. Make your Life Worry free and we will keep all the information Highly Confidential..

Hire us for an excellent Extramarital Investigation Service.

5. Loyalty Test Investigation

The Key detective agency is a worthy Private Detective Agency providing Loyalty Test Investigation Services in all over India. We provide Affordable loyalty Detective Investigation Services. Checking the Loyalty of your Partner will be easy with the help of our Service.

We Investigate all the Important Factors for Investigating the Loyalty of your Partner, Friend, Spouse, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, or anyone.

Nowadays we have People Walking around with many Fake Faces. It is Difficult to know the Reality of any People. Such People take Advantage of our Goodness and Righteousness Wrongly. For this reason, it has Become Necessary to have a Loyalty Test in Today’s Time.

You Might also Doubt your Spouse/Friend being not loyal to you. At such a Stage, a Loyalty Test Investigation of your Partner’s Loyalty becomes Important for the Peace of your Mind and a Better Future. It also saves you from Financial Loss , Mental Loss and Time Loss.

In the Loyalty Test, you can know all the Things that he/she Wants to hide from you, So that you can know his/her real Personality.

For us we value our Customers and know how Important it is for them to find out the Truths Regarding their Spouses/ Partners. A Loyalty Test of your Partner is most Important because you are going to Spend the Rest of your Life with them and you must know what you are getting into.

A Loyalty Test of your Partner will enable you to Clearly Decide whether or not they are the good one for you.

It also means that you can think not just Emotionally but with Relevant Proofs and Facts with your mind. Thus Loyalty Test Services saves you from Further Losses.

Loyalty Test Investigation Services offered Matrimonial Detective Agency
* Boyfriend Loyalty Test
* Girlfriend Loyalty Test
* Loyalty Test on Husband
* Loyalty Test on Wife
* Loyalty Test on your Friend
* Loyalty Test on Business Partner
* Loyalty Test on Employees etc.

We provide highly Professional and Confidential Loyalty
Test Investigation Service to our Clients. You can hire
us as your Loyalty Test Investigator.

6. Missing Person Investigation

As per data on Missing Persons in Crime in India, a total of 2,90,439 People in 2016, 3,05,267 People in 2017, and 3,47,524 People in 2018 have been Reported as Missing.

There is an Excess of Missing Children, Women, and Old People. In which the Faces of the Children Change after some time, it becomes Difficult to find and Identify them, Therefore, such Cases have to be Solved Quickly.

Sometimes a lost Person is your Loved one or Friend and that hurts you a lot because the Loss of them Equals Losing your beautiful part of life.

We Carry out a Huge Investigation Regarding Missing Persons. This is also a Renowned Department of our Matrimonial Detective Agency and we have a Well-Connected and Big Network all Across the Country that helps us to find and Locate the Person within a very Limited Time.

Missing Person Investigations Require too Much Patience and Expertise.

There are Many Reasons for a Person Missing Like :

* People Running After Defrauding People

* The Elders of the Family’s get Frustrated or Disappointed and Went Missing,

* Girls or Boys went Missing with their Loved ones without Intimating their Parents and Friends,

* Many People also Run away due to Increased debt and many more Reasons

Do not worry. Whenever such Missing Investigation Cases come, give us a call. With the help of our well-spread network all over India, we can trace a Person very easily in a very short Time Period and can provide you Relief. We will start the Proceedings as soon as Possible with the Information given by the Clients.

Whether you are from any part of India, you can Contact our Key Detective Agency to get Missing Person’s Investigation Service.

7. Child Custody Investigation

Divorce Cases become Difficult when you have Children too, when two People Decide to take Divorce it’s not only the Spouses that Suffer, but the Kids go through a Major Breakdown and Mental Trauma as well.

Our Key Detective Agency understands this, so we try to make the Divorce Case Investigation and Child Custody Investigation absolutely Smooth, so that you and your Children have to Face the least Difficulty.

There are Different Types of Child Custody Case Investigations available in India. Legal Custody, for Instance, allows a Mother/Father to make Decisions on behalf of the Child. Physical Custody on the other hand allows a Child to live with one Parent(Mother/Father). Sole Custody is usually Sought out by Parents in which the Children not only live with a Parent but also the Parent gets the Right to make Legal Decisions Regarding the Child’s Future.

The big problem of Child Custody is dealt within the Court and usually the Mother/Father who is Suspected of Neglect or Abuse is not given Custody.

8. Family Dispute Investigation

Sad father hugging little daughter before leaving for long business trip, upset dad embracing crying girl saying goodbye to daddy at home in hall with baggage, family separation, good bye, farewell
Family is the one who Stands with us in Every Problem. With family we always feel Safe and Secure. We do a lot to keep our Family Connected and Safe. But sometimes there is a Quarrel in the Families due to any Reason, which starts to have a Negative Impact on all the Small and Big Members of the Household.

But don’t worry, just Contact us, Our Private Detective Agency Specializes in solving such Family Dispute Investigation cases. We will help you get rid of the Family Dispute Case.

Family Dispute Occur Due To Many Reasons which may include:
* Parents Arguing

* New Step-Parents or Step-Brothers and Sisters

* Cultural or Generational Differences

* Fights for Property

* Misguided by Outsiders

* Jealousy or Fighting between Brothers and Sisters

* Abuse or Neglect and many more Reasons are Responsible for it.

No matter what the Reason, it Brings Unrest and Sorrow Forever in the Lives of you and your Loved ones. So it is Very Important for you to know these Reasons.

Children and young Family Members often think Family Problems are their Mistakes, even if Nobody has told them this. Changes in the family can Unsettle and Upset and Make child’s feel Insecure and bad about themselves. Your Children do not Deserve this Trauma, it is not good for their Health and Future.

You need to Take Tough Action Against it.

Our Private Detective will find the Right Reason for your Family’s Separation and Report it to you. Our Detectives will find all the Evidence of your family Dispute and the Real Culprit. And then you can Live in Love and Peace with your family.

You can hire a Key Detective Agency as your Family Dispute Investigator.

9. Sting Operation

Key Detective Agency is a leading Private Detective Agency in India which aims at Uncovering the real Character of all Criminals who sit amongst the general Peoples and are Unidentified in a crowd. Sting operations serve a Good Purpose if they are for the Public Good, and are Conducted in a Peaceful, Genuine, and Honest Manner. Key Detective Agency has a unique Approach Towards sting operation services.

Sting Operation Services are normally Complex Services where you can not believe in anyone. Because the Chances of your Failure are much Higher than any Private Detective Investigations.

So before hiring any Private Detective Agency for your Sting Operation Services you need to get aware of their Previous Information. Many Times Sting Operations are Necessary for Exposing the wrong People, So that they could not take Advantage of Good People.

To Perform a Sting Operation, you need high-skilled Detectives and the Latest Tools, Our Detective Agency has both these things available

Is Conducting a Sting Operation Legal and Safe in India?
Yes, under the Law, Sting Operations are Legal to Conduct Unless they harm anyone on a Physically Violent Level. Although it Definitely harms Individual Persons who Commit Crimes and Follows Illegal Practices such as Dominant Violence, Dowry, Sexual Harassment, Human Trafficking, Drug Abuse, and other Criminal Activities.

Some Criminal Activities Occur in big Government offices, such as Taking Bribes, or not giving them work Properly to People.

It is a safe Method to Investigate without harming any Person. All it Really needs is the Right Direction to Proceed with.