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Why are we the Best Detective Agency in India ?

Key Detective Agency has Smart Detectives Team in India and our 12 years’ Experience and way of working Makes us Different from the Rest of the Detective Agency.
We Understand the problem of our Clients and all the Difficulties they are Facing in their Lives. That’s why we Provide Genuine and Affordable Private Investigation Services to Our Clients.
We Provide a wide Range Affordable Detective Services for all kinds of Persons. These Include but are Not Limited to, Corporate, Matrimonial, Relationship, Finding People, Background Checks, and many other Professional and Private Investigator Services.
Key Detective Agency is an Honest, Safe, and Settled Detective Agency Of India. We Provide,

Personal Investigation

We go through many Stages in our Life and many of those Stages are very Important. And for this we need to do some Investigation before making some Decisions. That’s, why we Provide many Personal Investigations Service like Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Divorce Investigation With Evidence, Extramarital Affair Investigation, Loyalty Test Investigation, Child Custody Investigation, Missing Person and Family Disputes, etc. that will help you to take Right Decision without any Risk to your Privacy and Safeguard your Future from Potential Damage to the your Mental Health or Financial Strength.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation
Post Matrimonial Investigation
Divorce Case Investigation
Extra Marital Affair
Loyalty test investigation
Missing Person
Child Custody
Family Dispute Investigation
Sting Operations

Corporate Investigation

We know Running Business is not easy things. You have to pass through many ups and downs. For this, you have to meet many People and Many Deals have to be done. But before getting a Deal or Before Hiring, It is Important to get the Verification done once Because these People can do both have Advantages and Disadvantages to your Business. For that, We provide many Corporate Investigation Services like Pre-employment Verifications, Post-employment Verifications, Director Disputes, Asset Verification, Fraud Cases, Signature / Document Verification, Trademark Investigations, Property Investigation, Financial Investigation, and Background Check. that’s help you run Business Risk-Free and Stress-free.

Pre Employment Investigation
Post Employee Investigation
Asset Verification
Fraud Investigation
Document Verification
Trademark Investigation
Background Verification
Director dispute
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The Easiest Way To Hire Detective

Trustworthiness, Reputation and Credibility – A private detective should be a very trustworthy person who can strictly maintain the confidentiality of his/her client.


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