• What kind of experience And background do Key Detective agency have?

    We are in the Private Investigation field for more than 12 years and have solved over 1000 cases. We serve our clients all over Gujarat and also specialize in NRI related cases.

  • Is the Key Detective Agency a Legal Investigation Agency?

    We are 100% Legal Private Investigators and are also ISO 9001:2015 certified to work in this field.

  • Will the investigation be confidential?

    We offer 100% Confidentially to our Client. We guarantee your privacy and keep all your details Highly Confidential.

  • What Is Your List Of Clients?

    We have many Personal Investigation Clients and Big Corporate clients to whom we have provided many services. 

  • Do You Take Cases From All Over India?

    Yes, we take cases all over India and also provide Special Investigation services to NRIs living in foreign countries.

  • How Much Does Investigation Cost?

    The cost varies on Case-by-case basis. Your case will be properly analyzed and discussed and then we will provide a quote for our services.

  • Is there any Agreement between the Company And Me?

    The clients are required to sign an agreement which mentions all the terms and conditions that are to be fulfilled by us and the clients.

  • How many branches does your agency have?

    We currently have 4 branches in Gujarat, i.e. Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Navsari. We are serving our clients all over Gujarat.

  • Do You Provide Personal Investigation?

    Yes, we provide Personal Detective services such as Pre-Matrimonial, Post-Marital, Extra-marital affair check, Divorce case, Child custody, Family Disputes, etc. Investigation services.

  • Do You Provide Sting Operation Service?

    Yes, we do provide sting operation services to our clients within the legal framework.

  • How many Corporate Investigation services do you provide?

    We provide numerous Corporate Investigation services including Pre-employment verification, Post-Employment check, Director disputes, Fraud detection, Loyalty check, and many more.

  • How Much Time Agency Requires For Solving A Case?

    The time for solving a case depends on the difficulty of the cases. Some are solved within a couple of days and some difficult ones require more than 1-2 weeks to get resolved.

  • How will I get my Investigation Report?

    We can provide Photos, Videos, Written proofs, verbal communication, etc. in our reports. It will be as per your requirement. 

  • I’m worried that someone else will find out that I hired you. Who else would you tell?

    We have strict 100% Confidential policy and we report your information to no-one, not even the agents who are working in the field. Your information will be safe in the hands of our company.

  • How Do I Contact a Key Detective Agency?

    You can contact us through Phone, WhatsApp, Website chat, or by visiting our offices. You can get more details on our Contact Us page.