Corporate Investigation Services
Key Detective Agency Home About Services Blog Branch FAQ Contact Corporate Investigation Service We know Running Business is not an easy thing. You have to pass through many ups and downs. For this, you have to meet many People and many deals have to be done. But before getting a deal or before hiring, It is Important to get the Verification done once because these People can do both have Advantages and Disadvantages to your business. For that, We Provide many Corporate Investigation Services like Pre-employment Verifications, Post-employment Verifications, Director Disputes, Asset Verification, Fraud Cases, Signature / Document Verification, Trademark Investigations, Property Investigation, Financial Investigation, and Background Check. that’s help you Run Business Risk-free and Stress-Free.

1. Pre-Employee Investigation

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We Offer a wide Range of Pre-Employment Verification Services. Our corporate investigators will give Comprehensive Details About all the Candidates. Hiring a new Employee is a Big Investment for any Organization. The Hope is they’ll be with the Organization For a Long Time and Continuously Deliver Good work that Positively Impacts the Overall Organization. Before Hiring a Person as an Employee for your Company, you Should Check about the Whereabouts of that Person. Human Resources of a Company are its Backbone. However, Usually it is Found that Employees Submit the Wrong Details in Order to get a Job. So, you need to be Careful before hiring any new Employee.
Why is Pre-Employment Verification Important?
Employee Verification is Very Important because these
Employees can also do a lot of Harm to your Company in
the Future. You need the Following Information about the
Employee before Hiring them
* To know the Real Identity of your Future Employee. 
* To Find out if he had done any Deception in the Previous
* To save your Company from big Fraud.
* To Know the Actual Capacity of your Employee. 
  Key Detective Agency Provides Services of Employee
Verification to Effectively screen the Information
given by an Employee.
The Following Aspects are Covered in Employee Verification:
* Criminal background verification
* Education Verification
* Address Verification
* Previous work Verification
* Reference Check
* Medical History
* Reason for Leaving Previous Job

Hire us as your Pre-Employment Verification Investigators.
We also Provide Bulk Employment Verification Services to
Various Companies.
2. Post-Employee Investigation
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Post-Employment Investigation is as Important as Pre-employment Investigation. Any Business Depends on Its Customers and Employees, which should be both Reliable and Long-Lasting. Business Growth Rests on the Hard work and Honesty of the Employees, If there is any Fault or Bad Intentions in the Employee, then the growth and Reputation of the Company will be Affected. In Almost Every Company, Employers are Responsible for Marketing or Completing Many small and Big Projects and Giving them to the Customer, that’s why it is Mandatory for your Company to have Qualified Staff. In that Situation, you need to have a Clear Insight into your Staff. But if you are Running a big Organization or an Organization where you have no Time to Check your Staff’s Activity, in that Situation Key Detective Agency is the best choice for Post-Employment Investigation. Key Detective Agency can Easily Handle your Case and give you the Right Insights into Every Employee. It helps in Finding some Corrupt Employees of your Organization who want to take your Business down. Or Maybe they are Supporting some of your Competitor’s Company, Maybe they are Supplying all Legal and Important details to other Companies. But after hiring a Private Detective you can save your business from Post-Employee Investigation Service These type of Cheater Employees. A Private Detective solves this case Confidentially so that would be no harm to the Employer-Employee Relationship. Therefore, a Post Employee Investigation Service is also Necessary for your Company. We Are Best Detective Agency For Providing Post Employee Investigation Service. We make these services available to you at affordable and competitive rates. We investigate all the important factors about the employee and your organization which helps you to overcome further casualties. Hire us for doing Post Employee Investigation Service in your company.
3. Assest Investigation
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Private Detective Agency for Corporate Asset Verification Services In Gujarat, Key Detective Agency has Successfully been Regarded as the Best-in-class Asset Verification Service Provider in Gujarat, India, that Offer the Services to Individuals and banks. An Asset Investigation is the Locating of Public Records that Confirm personal property or real estate Held by a Person or Corporate Entity. Our Asset Tracking Services Offers Verification and Discovery of Hidden Assets, Real and Other Property, and the Real worth of a Person or any Organization. Only an Expert Asset Investigation Conducted by a Qualified Private Detective can Find out Whether an Organization or Person is using a Fictitious Organization Name, Committing Fraud, Hiding Assets, or has Multiple Judgments.
Types of Asset Investigations Service:
1. Corporate Asset Investigation
* Vehicle Registration

* Bankruptcies

* Real Estate and Deeds

* Available Mortgage Information

* Corporate Filings

* Corporate Associates

2. Person Asset Investigation
* Real Estate and Deeds

* Federal and State Tax Liens

* Bankruptcies

* Motor Vehicle Registration and Liens

* Uniform Commercial Code Liens (UCC Filings)

4. Fraud Investigation
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Nowadays, cases of fraud are increasing day by day, as technology is increasing, wrong people are adopting new methods of cheating. Therefore, our Key Detective Agency provides you with a Fraud Investigation Service. Many times the only reason why organizations fail is because of fraudulent activities that are conducted within the organization by its staff. These fraudsters harm you and your business in many ways. That is why you need a Fraud Investigation Service. We are Experts in this Field with the Highest Number of Cases being Faced and then Solved by our Key Detective Agency in this Department. We are an Expert in this Issue and therefore have a Specific Department for Investigation in this Department. In Cases where Wrongdoing is Suspected, we Investigate and Unearth Fraud and Equip you with Adequate Information to Enable Effective Decision Making.
Types of fraud cases:
* Investigations for Fraud
* Identity Fraud
* Bribery Fraud
* Survey for Cheaters
* Company Fraud
* Regulatory and Compliance Risks due to Negligence
* Fraudulent Activities, Including theft or Product Substitution
* Security Risks to your Team or Facility
* Internal Vandal or Corruption
* Rival/Shareholder Disputes
* Cyberattack
* Royalty and Licensing Audits
Many people start a fake company and sell a fake scheme or product and rob people. And many times this fraud company disappears from the market either by dealing with a large company or by making an investment. Such cases are seen a lot in India. Therefore, it is important to check before making any deal or investing your time and money anywhere. This fraud investigation can save you a lot of trouble. Take our fraud investigation service and invest risk-free.
5. Signature & Document Verification
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The Key Detective Agency Provides Valid Investigation Services and it has over the the Most Accurate Signature/Document Verification Service. We Provide Various Services Including Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery, Fingerprints, Thumb Impression, Forged Documents, Paper / Document, Cheque / Check Frauds, Alterations, Disguised Handwritings, Contracts, Agreements, Notarized Documents, Registered Land Documents, Duplicate Documents, Hidden Evidences, Disputed Documents, Property, Age Analysis, Cross-Examination, Fake Agreements, Legal Consultancy, Forensic Photography, and many more. All this service helps you in Personal and Corporate Life. As being one of the Top-Rated Handwriting/Signature Verification Agencies in Gujarat, we are Proficient in Solving all of Your Problems Quickly by Identifying and Checking all the Required Documents Under the Expert Guidance of Handwriting Professionals.
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The Key Detective Agency has a team of Handwriting Verification Experts and Signature Verification Experts Offering Signature Verification/Handwriting Identification and Verification Services in Gujarat. To get the Above Service, Please call the Key Detective Agency or fill the form Available on the Website.
6. Trademark Investigation
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If you are an entrepreneur ready to launch your new business prepared to market a new product/service, there is one incredibly important Process that must first be completed: Trademark investigation. From company name to domain name, every bit of research matters to the success of a business or product/service launch – If you want to succeed, you do not want to start a new venture that infringes on an existing trademark, even if it is dead. On the other hand, if your company is in doubt or knows that another entity is taking advantage of your trademark, you will need evidence, Research, and Details of the Facts to help start the Case and Prove your Case. A Professional Trademark Investigator is a True Resource in Both Situations. We are the Best Trademark Investigation Service Provider, one which Answers your Questions — Determine if the Trademark you want to use or file for has been Abandoned. In many Cases, Questions are Raised through the Completion of a Comprehensive Trademark Clearance report. Investigations can help you Decide on whether to file for a Trademark, whether you can Acquire a Trademark and how to Respond to Office Actions. Our Investigation Strategy is built around our Client’s Specific Needs.
7. Background Check
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Before Entering into any type of Private or Corporate Relationship with a Stranger, it is very Important to do Background Checks and Verification. In Public Life, we often meet People with whom we plan to engage in Financial, Personal or Professional Relationships. However, in many Cases where People are Cheated on, one has to be Extra Vigilant when Entering any such Relationship. Background Check Investigations help Uncover Relevant and Specific Information on Individuals, Companies, or Organizations. This is an Opportunity for Someone to Check a Person’s Criminal Record, Education, Financial History, Employment History, and other past Activities in order to Confirm their Validity. Whether you’re Applying for a job, Looking for a new Apartment, or Purchasing a Product, you may have to Undergo a Background Check. Personal Background check Costs can Depend on how Extensive of a search you want.
Background Check We Offer:
* Pre-Matrimonial Background Checks

* Corporate Background Checks

* Financial Background Checks

* Employee Background Checks

* Nanny Background Checks

* Tenant Background Checks

We at the Key Detective Agency Verify the Antecedents of such People and Provide a Clear Picture and Narrative. We get past the History of such People. We can Investigate Every Information of an Individual Including Past Employment, Criminal Record, Medical history, Financial Ability, etc. Hire us for Comprehensive Background Investigation Service.
8. Director Dispute
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Key Detective Agency provides Director Dispute Investigation Service in Gujarat, India. Director disputes are a major reason for the decline of any business, Many times the directors of the company are unable to agree in some circumstances and disputes start among them. And usually, such a dispute can take a big form which completely ruins the company. In such a situation, our Detective Agency can help you. Our detective agents investigate every aspect of the dispute and tells you the exact cause and resolution of the director’s dispute. The key detective agency offers a range of Corporate Investigation Services, which help you run your business safely and risk-free.