1. Personal Investigation Service

We go through many Stages in our life and many of those Stages are very Important. And for this we need to do some Investigation before Making some Decisions. That’s, why we Provide many Personal Investigations Service like Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Divorce Investigation With Evidence, Extramarital Affair Investigation, Loyalty Test Investigation, Child Custody Investigation, Missing Person and Family Disputes, etc. that will help you to Take Right Decision without any Risk to your Privacy and Safeguard your Future from Potential Damage to the your Mental Health or Financial Strength.


Getting Married is one of the most Important and big Decisions in life. This Decision Affects our whole life. Therefore, we Should Decide on our soul mate very Carefully.


Key Detective Agency provides Post-Matrimonial Investigation Service in India. After Marriage, there are Many changes that come in Life, and we have to Deal with them very Carefully. But some changes are Unacceptable which Complicates Our Lives.

Divorce Case Investigation

Key Detective Agency is Best Divorce Case Detective In India. Divorce case investigators deal with many complex issues of society and provide smooth solutions for your tough problem.

Extramarital affair

We have the Knowledge and Experience to Resolve Many Extramarital Matters, so we can make the Process of Extramarital Affairs Investigation Services Easier.

Loyalty Test

The Key detective agency is a worthy Private Detective Agency providing Loyalty Test Investigation Services in all over India. We provide Affordable loyalty Detective Investigation Services. Checking the Loyalty of your Partner will be easy with the help of our Service.

Missing Person

As per data on Missing Persons in Crime in India, a total of 2,90,439 People in 2016, 3,05,267 People in 2017, and 3,47,524 People in 2018 have been Reported as Missing.

Child Custody

Divorce Cases become Difficult when you have Children too, when two People Decide to take Divorce it’s not only the Spouses that Suffer, but the Kids go through a Major Breakdown and Mental Trauma as well.

Sting Operation

Sting Operation Services are normally Complex Services where you can not believe in anyone. Because the Chances of your Failure are much Higher than any Private Detective Investigations.

Family Dispute

Family is the one who Stands with us in Every Problem. With family we always feel Safe and Secure. We do a lot to keep our Family Connected and Safe. But sometimes there is a Quarrel in the Families due to any Reason, which starts to have a Negative Impact on all the Small and Big Members of the Household.

2. Corporate Investigation Service

We know Running Business is not an easy thing. You have to pass through many ups and downs. For this, you have to meet many People and many deals have to be done. But before getting a deal or before hiring, It is Important to get the Verification done once because these People can do both have Advantages and Disadvantages to your business. For that, We Provide many Corporate Investigation Services like Pre-employment Verifications, Post-employment Verifications, Director Disputes, Asset Verification, Fraud Cases, Signature / Document Verification, Trademark Investigations, Property Investigation, Financial Investigation, and Background Check. that’s help you Run Business Risk-free and Stress-Free.

Pre-Employee Investigation

We Offer a wide Range of Pre-Employment Verification Services. Our corporate investigators will give Comprehensive Details About all the Candidates.

Post-Employee Investigation

Post-Employment Investigation is as Important as Pre-employment Investigation. Any Business Depends on Its Customers and Employees, which should be both Reliable and Long-Lasting.


Private Detective Agency for Corporate Asset Verification Services In Gujarat, Key Detective Agency has Successfully been Regarded as the Best-in-class Asset Verification Service Provider in Gujarat, India, that Offer the Services to Individuals and banks.


Nowadays, cases of fraud are increasing day by day, as technology is increasing, wrong people are adopting new methods of cheating.

Signature & Document Verification

The Key Detective Agency Provides Valid Investigation Services and it has over the the Most Accurate Signature/Document Verification Service.


If you are an entrepreneur ready to launch your new business prepared to market a new product/service, there is one incredibly important Process that must first be completed: Trademark investigation.

Background Check

Before Entering into any type of Private or Corporate Relationship with a Stranger, it is very Important to do Background Checks and Verification. In Public Life, we often meet People with whom we plan to engage in Financial, Personal or Professional Relationships.

Director Dispute

Director disputes are a major reason for the decline of any business, Many times the directors of the company are unable to agree in some circumstances and disputes start among them.