Trademark Investigation

If you are an entrepreneur ready to launch your new business prepared to market a new product/service, there is one incredibly important Process that must first be completed: Trademark investigation. From company name to domain name, every bit of research matters to the success of a business or product/service launch – If you want to succeed, you do not want to start a new venture that infringes on an existing trademark, even if it is dead.

On the other hand, if your company is in doubt or knows that another entity is taking advantage of your trademark, you will need evidence, Research, and Details of the Facts to help start the Case and Prove your Case. A Professional Trademark Investigator is a True Resource in Both Situations.

  • We are the Best Trademark Investigation Service Provider, one which Answers your Questions — Determine if the Trademark you want to use or file for has been Abandoned. In many Cases, Questions are Raised through the Completion of a Comprehensive Trademark Clearance report. Investigations can help you Decide on whether to file for a Trademark, whether you can Acquire a Trademark and how to Respond to Office Actions. Our Investigation Strategy is built around our Client’s Specific Needs.

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