Our Investigation Services In India

Our detective agency in India provides different types of investigation services like personal investigation service, corporate investigation service, and matrimonial investigation service. Our detective agency also worked for many big corporate agencies.

Our Personal Investigation Services In India include:

  1.  Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  2.  Post Matrimonial Investigation
  3. Divorce Case Investigation
  4. Extramarital Affair Investigation
  5. Loyalty Test Investigation
  6. Missing Person Investigation
  7. Child Custody Investigation.
  8. Family Disputes Investigation
  9. Sting Operation

Our Corporate Investigation Services In India include:

  1. Pre Employee Investigation
  2. Post Employee Investigation
  3. Asset Investigation
  4. Fraud Investigation
  5. Signature Verification
  6. Document verification
  7. Trademark Investigation
  8. Background Check
  9. Director Disputes Investigation

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