Child Custody Investigation

Divorce Cases become Difficult when you have Children too, when two People Decide to take Divorce it’s not only the Spouses that Suffer, but the Kids go through a Major Breakdown and Mental Trauma as well.

Our Key Detective Agency understands this, so we try to make the Divorce Case Investigation and Child Custody Investigation absolutely Smooth, so that you and your Children have to Face the least Difficulty.

There are Different Types of Child Custody Case Investigations available in India. Legal Custody, for Instance, allows a Mother/Father to make Decisions on behalf of the Child. Physical Custody on the other hand allows a Child to live with one Parent(Mother/Father). Sole Custody is usually Sought out by Parents in which the Children not only live with a Parent but also the Parent gets the Right to make Legal Decisions Regarding the Child’s Future.

The big problem of Child Custody is dealt within the Court and usually the Mother/Father who is Suspected of Neglect or Abuse is not given Custody.

Also, whether or not the child can go to other Parents and other Family Members is Decided. These Negative Claims on a parent may be true or False, but it is the Deciding factor in winning a Child’s Custody and therefore a Partner who has Evidence of Neglect or Abuse may Successfully Receive Child Custody.

Therefore, it is Important to hire a Private Detective Agency for Child Case Investigation Service. We have a team of Dedicated Detectives; they will find all the Strong Evidence against your Spouse. So that your Child stays with you and their Future is Beautiful.

You are just a Phone call away from us, Call now for Correct Guidance Regarding Child Custody and Child Custody Investigation.

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