Hello Friends, This is a Key Detective Agency. Today we are going to talk about the Different types of  Corporate Investigation that helps you the most and Top Corporate Investigations type that we Perform upon Request.

Internal Embezzlement – That’s when an Internal Employee or manager Embezzles from your Company this Creates huge losses for Corporations and those losses are 4 times higher when they’re discovered after it pops up through your Accounting department. They’re much lower when they are revealed through an investigation and we’re going to look for that fraud triangle right the ability and need and justification of that employee. Why they are stealing and how they are stealing.

Corporate Due Diligence – This is when you are doing a buy-sell with another company, you want to do due diligence on maybe the company you are buying, to make sure that represents are correct or if you are selling due diligence on your purchaser, to make sure that it’s the right fit, maybe their finances are in order, you’re also going to look at due diligence on a potential vendor if you’re looking to buy something and you are going to have a vendor give you a product. You want to make sure that the vendor is capable of providing that product at the same time. If you are buying something or somebody’s buying from you and you want to take cash from them at a later date you’re going to want to make sure that their credit representation is correct.

Competitor Intel – If you have a competitor in your market place that’s maybe growing, maybe it’s a new competitor, maybe it’s somebody you are going to provide a service or product into their market place. You want to see if your new campaign can be structured to match up with that competitor. You also want to see how your sales people are presenting your product to a new client. How it matches to that client. Maybe even how they’re speaking about you.

Fraud against the Company – If there is a Ponzi scheme may be a check hiding scheme, maybe even a hacking scheme against your company that’s another type of investigation. That is very common as a corporate investigation type.

Litigation tactical preparation – If you have a lawsuit or legal activity against the company or against another party or maybe they are taking action against you. Doing tactical investigation for that action, maybe checking out the attorneys of the other side. What is their style of litigating? What types of expert witnesses will they put forward? What is the counterparty? Like, do they have assets to fund this case either as a Litigation plaintiff or defendants those are the kind of things that litigation tactical prep will help you and your law firm successfully execute that case.

So those are the top methods of corporate investigations that might help you as a company

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Ask Investigators how an Investigation is Extremely Challenging?

Hi Friends today, as an Investigator I will tell you how an Investigation is Extremely Challenging. Investigation is not looks like in movies and Stories, this is very Serious and Presence of mind and Challenging job. Investigation means we need solid Evidence to prove the Result.
The Investigation is Extremely Challenging and Equally as Rewarding, there is no Greater feeling than Overcoming the Incredible Obstacles we face and Succeeding in getting that Crucial Evidence. There is a Tough Learning Curve in this Industry and many Personal Challenges.
We have many Different types of Clients with many Different Types of Investigations and because of this we work in many Specialized areas. We can Spend an hour following our Subject on foot through a Grocery store. The Client needs the video to be Obtained this means the Investigator has to Stick with the Subject for long Periods of time, but Remain Hidden, Sometimes in plain sight. Replicating this day after day is extremely challenging.
You are always going to have new obstacles thrown at you it’s tough to have a work-life balance. Our schedule is the subject’s schedule the case dictates when we work or when we don’t work. If you are going out on a surveillance file you better plan to be unavailable that entire day. Maybe even into the next day an investigator can also work in an office environment we usually call this desk investigations. This is where you would have more of a stable work schedule here they might be doing cyber investigations missing person cases pre surveillance research, background investigations or even non investigative services such as video editing. We also spend time out of the office and covert capacity a lot of travelling a lot of pounding the pavement. We can be working threat and risk assessment interviewing individual’s executive protection theft investigations and even process serving this is just named a few.
We spend a lot of time behind the wheel keeping our Subjects Under Surveillance in Intense Situations. At a moment’s notice, we are on foot following our subject and getting video for our client. Then we are back behind the wheel Utilizing every skill. We have to keep the Subject Under Surveillance Without our Presence being Discovered. Mobile Surveillance is the Biggest Part of the Industry. Many Novices Overestimate their driving Abilities and think that that they can keep a Subject Under Surveillance through Difficult Settings. This may be True once or Twice they Definitely would not be able to keep a subject under Surveillance day after day and Remain Undetected day after day.
Our Equipment has to be Current and we have to Utilize it with Expertise. Not only Does the Client want Video of the Subject that video has to be Captured Professionally through Difficult Environments and split Second Decisions. We must have Practical and Tangible skills Leading to better Awareness and Understanding while Conducting Investigations.
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