Extra Marital Affair Solved Case Story

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This is the Story of Extra Marital Affair and Cheating a wife to his husband for her love with another person, Here a Detective Agency failed her mission in taking money. – all the character are fictitious in the story.

Story of Extra Marital Affair

Vikram  was  seriously looking towards  the  car on the rough muddy road  terrain near the street light. He was curiously trying  to see the women seating with driver into a car. Maya  was  listening with full concentration what Rajesh was explaining. Rajesh  looked towards  Vikram and asked ” So  you agree for this plan right ?” Vikram was still looking towards that truck near his House.

Maya alerted Vikram. “Vikram  hope you listened to Rajesh and how to do all this.” Vikram looked at Rajesh and Maya and nodded in agreement. “So Maya you will be the first to  get up tomorrow and  be ready with all the  required tools. Take care that no one knows about our task.”

“One more thing  no one will be calling the other by names….I have  thought about the  new names or codes  …I will be JR, you be  JV  Vikram and Maya will be JM” “Don’t ask me the expansions as  you will tend to  spell the expanded names…I will tell you once the task is over  successfully.” Vikram agreed in silence.

“Maya  any questions , clarifications ?” “One question  Rajesh…. if we fail in our mission, then are we going to try again ?” “There is nothing called as failure when Rajesh plans it.. and moreover  our plan is  accurate and  we will succeed…” 

Vikram was  not feeling it comfortable. Maya  observed this. She asked ” Are you fearing for something ?” Vikram  shot back “what if he knows you are in Extra Marital Affair “. “ Maya – Who cares  for that Chirag…” 

Vikram – we are going to take his all money…” “That’s the spirit  Vikram…”  Maya became happy. 

Rajesh  came back. “Look guys  since this is going to be a secret  mission,  please ensure  none of person know about this  before task is completed.” All nodded. “Also  you need to be  very very  accurate in your assigned tasks…. let me  repeat you again the tasks” Rajesh explained them. “I heard you are talking about your cousin Mukesh to join our team  but  you did not tell him yet.” “Mukesh cannot be included… he is misfit for this”, Maya commented.

It was July Monsoon and I could hear this conversation happening just below the new construction building’s window at Night around 11.45 pm in the basement where around two Young Man and a young women were in serious Discussion.

Rajesh finally told “What ever Cash we get from Maya’s Husband’s locker as part of  this mission’s success , we all will be sharing equally and  then I take a cab to hotel at Delhi. Vikram and Maya you should stay at yours home that no one doubts that you were also involved in this…” After few days Maya go to her mother’s house, from there Maya and Me run away to start our new love life.

As a detective I was hired by Chirag, he had doubts on her wife because of her behaviour and go out 2 or 3 times in a weak without telling something to Chirag. Later  I decoded my self  their secret names as  JR Joker Rajesh , JV Joker Vikram and  JM Joker Maya. 

Next day it’s all happen to Chirag but we planed for every thing and caught them red handed. 

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